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Album Review: The McMakens – Sleep Easy (2009)

Popmatters let me review a record my good friends Bonnie & Trevor McMaken made with another good friend, producer Kerry Haps. Even if I didn’t know them, though, this would’ve been one of my favorite albums of 2009. This thing’s a masterpiece.

Sleep Easy is definitely a kitchen-sink album, both in scope and content matter.  Domestic imagery abounds, from the candles to the teapot; sleeping, beds and lullabies are especially prevalent. For The McMakens, like many of the great American songwriters, the commonplace points to the sublime, and the everyday is full of moments of great art.  These 11 beautiful songs are just vessels for those moments.  That two first-time songwriters have crafted something so assured and aesthetically grounded makes it all the more exciting.  Yeah, it’s pretty, but it’s also awesome.

full review, originally posted on December 16, 2010, at Popmatters

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